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Shri Mataji Visits Nizamuddin Shrine 1993

1993-0320 Visit to Nizamuddin Shrine Delhi from Sahaja Library

Another video, with Arrival

So many things you have seen get organized because also this Paramchaitanya has come into Kruta Yuga where it is working it out. It’s acting. And this activity, also, is absolutely supportive to you. For example, the police people told us that there are Muslims living here and you might have some danger from them. They might do some harm to you. I said, “Which Muslims are they?” So they said, “Nizamuddin Aulia people are here.” I said, “They’ll never harm us.”
I said, "Why? Because he was a Sufi and he was a great realized soul and the people who are around there, must be, most of them are, at least, believers of Sufism. How can they harm us?” So I said, “Tomorrow, early in the morning, you go and put a chador, as they call it, all of you,” and they were so impressed that you saw in the evening they came here all the way, morning time, and they were so respectful, then they called me, they gave me another chador, this, that and they said that we are yours and this and that, all kinds of things.
And his disciple was Amir Kousrow, was another very, very great Sufi gentleman and I always have admired his poetry and also the way Nizamuddin led his life of dignity and divinity.

All these Muslims who were there put hands towards me like this and they said, “We are feeling the cool breeze”, I said, “This is Ruh.” “Ah, this is Ruh.”
Once these people start getting Ruh, they will all become Sahaja Yogis very soon and you may have to have…..(unfinished sentence due to clapping)

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Birthday Puja Talk, Delhi, 1993

poetry by Amir Khusro

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