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It is said that God is love, you have heard that many a times and many people have explained in their own ways what is love, but to feel that love is the best way of understanding it. Even if you explain or describe in all details, though it is described in all detail, you cannot enjoy love without experiencing it. This experience comes to us because God himself has placed within us the mechanism to absorb this love and to manifest it. It is a very delicate mechanism within us, extremely delicate. This mechanism is placed in our heart and by our ignorance so many times we spoil this mechanism or disturb it, or sometimes even completely destroy it. The light of love is joy, anything else cannot give you joy. Its only the love that you feel in your heart (that) gives you joy.

This mechanism acts in seven layers within us. In the periphery of these seven layers we gave got ripples of this joy arising they come to the shores of our brain and create the bubble of joy, but again if the brain is a very rational rock then these bubbles dissolve giving no effect to the rock. So, a loving person is thousand times better than a rational person.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Advice on All the Chakras, Mumbai, India, 30/12/79

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