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The seven seats

Sahastrara ... is a very important center because it is in the core of your heart, it’s surrounding your heart, and all the seven chakras have got their seats there. These are the seats which receive the joy and communicate to the heart. In Sahastrara, if you are there, already so many things you have got. You’ve got your vibrations, you’ve got your powers… But it’s the most tricky center. It’s a Mahamaya – Kalki in a Mahamaya shape. Is a complete illusion. In the Sahastrara, the joy of Sahastrara is the joy of the entirety because all seven seats are there. If you can capture your Sahastrara, in complete recognition of this Mahamaya – complete recognition, which is a very difficult thing because always the maya is there. Then, there’s nothing to talk about. Then see how your heart enlarges, see now. Just recognize. See the expansion of your heart, it will cover all your entire being, just recognize.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Advice on All the Chakras, Mumbai, India, 30/12/79

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Devarshi said...

Shivaratri Puja, 17.02.91, Divine Cool Breeze, vol. III, p. 1 to 4, quotes from the synopsis.

About the four Nadis
" - The heart is the abode of the Spirit; is the Shiva within us. You know about the three nadis we have Ida, Pingala, Sushumna. But in the Heart there are four nadis. One nadi goes to Mooladhar. If you cross the limits of Mooladhara it goes to Hell. That's why they say that Shiva is a destroyer. Actually when you ask for your destruction you have it (...)

- The second channel is of desire which can take you to destruction. That's why Buddha had said that the desirelessness is the only way by which people do not get old, sick or worried. Desires can be of any kind. Not only material but mental (...)

- the third nadi is the one by which we feel attached (...) one has to understand the discrimination part of attachment. When the sap of the tree rises, it goes to various parts of the tree and comes back. If it gets attached with any one part then the whole tree will die and that part to which it is attached will also die (...)

- The fourth one is the most important nadi. It passes through left Vishuddhi into the Heart. It starts from the Heart, goes up, passes through the Agnya. It has four petals. This is the one which gives you the state which is called Turya (...) The fourth state is Turya, in which you are in thoughtless awareness. When there is no thought, you have to be innocent. When there is no thought you have to have vibrations. When there is no thought you cannot be attached to anyone. Into that thoughtless state you have come - "Turya Stithi". When you are in this state these four petals which are within you open out in your brain. They come from your Heart to your brain, ad you absolutely understand what is God. Absolutely know God. That is the time when one receives the real knowledge. (...)

The Pure Knowledge is not the knowledge of Chakras, vibrations or Kundalini, but the knowledge of God Almighty."