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Sahastrara Puja 1979

So today is a very, very important day, you know that. Because in the history of creation you know till the time of Christ, in the human awareness, only the sense of resurrection was created - that you can be resurrected or you can be reborn. That sense came down to them. I mean people recognized that it could happen to all of us sometime. But it did not happen. Actualization never took place. That was a problem and without you entering into the reality whatever one may talk about becomes imaginative. So one has to jump into the reality into the [truth]. This never had happened before and as I have told you that if it had happened to one or two people it makes no difference at all to the masses and nobody accepts it and like a small little river flowing in the dessert it disappears in the thin air, the truth also, whatever was found out, never had any roots. And all kinds of funny things started, with this reality, which these people preached.

So it was to be culmination of human consciousness where he becomes one with the Divine that he becomes one with himself - was to happen. And that too was to happen at the time, which was most importunate - best time. Because unless and until the human desire is very strong, human will is very strong and is asking for the reality, the reality does not going to [express it or be achieved?]. Other things of course, as far as the creation is concerned; creating the animals and all the trees and fruits and flowers - all these things are done. But the human evolution could not have matured earlier because there was not so much of seeking.

So when the time came when the necessity was so great that the necessity itself brought forth Sahaja Yoga. And it happened that I really saw the Sahastrara. Of course you know there’s a difference between your Sahastrara and mine. And I saw the Sahastrara, opened out beautifully and the petals were just like flames - rounded flames, rounded ones, rounded beautifully colored flames of different colors. That’s why I wore today blouse of many colors and sari of many colors. I saw so many permutations and combinations, so beautiful. And as if every petal was individually, absolutely complete and perfect, but so integrated. The way it opened out, and the movement was so rhythmic and so harmonious. There was no problem. Such a harmony was between them. No fluctuation anywhere as if they were dancing to the tunes, opened out. And the colors, all spread out their light around in the aura. In the center I saw the Agnya – you can say the Sun color and all the chakras were there, also emitting light but the chakras were darker in shades. They were so dark that they were all looking blackish you see, so dark. Such a condensed color they had. And they were also emitting light all over. But the light, as soon as the whole thing opened out, the light absolutely spread out then I saw the sky. It can be done. First I had to open out my Sahastrara. Then your Sahastraras could be opened out and then I felt that a tremendous flow of vibrations started flowing. So much rays falling upon me, a torrential rain you see falling on me. Absolutely I was so drenched in that joy, really I was lost, absolutely lost. Then I felt that the whole creation is now sounded with that universal consciousness, just felt. Everything was finished, only the joy is pervading. It was such a beautiful time and then I started my work.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Sahastrara Puja 1979.

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