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Beginnings of Sahaja Yoga in Russia

In 1985, the first Russians got Self-Realization in Switzerland.
In 1989, Shri Mataji conducted the first public programs in Russia after which the first collective meetings started in Saint-Petersburg (called Leningrad then), Moscow and Togliatti.
Sahaja Yoga is officially considered to start spreading in Saint-Petersburg since the summer of 1989 when Shri Mataji came to the city with a Public Program for the first time. But already in 1987 there was the first group of Sahaja Yogis which united about ten people who held meetings in their apartments.
Shri Mataji came to Saint-Petersburg five times – first in 1989, and then in 1990, 1991, 1994-1996. The first meeting of Shri Mataji with the people of Saint-Petersburg took place in the Palace of the Youth in 1989. The hall was overcrowded. Mother told the audience about the subtle system and its connection with the physical body. The ones who wanted could ask questions. Approximately one thousand people got their Self-Realization. Since then, the number of people practicing Sahaja Yoga has been growing quickly. Sahaja Yoga Programs were held at schools, Houses of Culture, medical institutions.
Twenty Years of Sahaja Yoga in Russia

photo: Shri Mataji in Russia 1989

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