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Advice by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

Through our conditionings, through our fears we have a mind of our own. Now mind is to be divided into two. The English mind is different from the Sanskrit manas. Manas is whatever is the superego in you. Whatever is condition within you, is manas, and the ego is different. So there is a superego and ego to a mind, out of which the superego, the mind, it starts forming habits. (1980-0714)

First we desire and then we act. Now this power, right side power, is expressed within us as right sympathetic nervous system. Science has come from the same, science is in the gross, these are all subtle things that are within us. Now this right side power which exists within us, gives us the power for our mental and physical capacity to act. Now this action takes place when we desire something, we want to implement that desire then we go into action. One has to understand what sort of a power is this. This power is called as prana shakti in Sanskrit. Prana, and the another one, the left one as mana shakti is the power of the emotions or can say of the mind, but you see English language is not so clear-cut about it. So I would say mana shakti and the prana shakti, these are the two powers that exist within us and we start using them as left and right, we can say like a brake and an accelerator and then we become the master of driving. But while becoming that we make mistakes. (1982-0514)

You must have a very kind and sensitive heart. It’s very important. That is the way the dharma of the mana works out, very kind, never to be harsh, never to be punishing, never to be judging others, but you have to be very kind and gentle with others. Unless and until it is very necessary to tell them sometimes you should do it; otherwise normally you should be extremely kind to people. (1988-1212)

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