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Universal personalities

... you people have to know that you are all individually Sahaja Yogis. None of these big, big rishis and munis could give realization as you are giving. You don’t know your powers. You don’t know your position. And if some leader is of that kind, you should immediately write to me. I’m still existing. I am just wondering how many of you can understand that a person without any depth cannot lead you anywhere. Anybody who tries to show off, if you run after that person, that means you have not fathomed your own depth. You must know what is your depth. And don’t get impressed by somebody because he can dominate you very well and he can go about. Just stand on your own two legs and see for yourself.

I don’t believe in any rules and regulations for Sahaja Yogis as such ... You are swachchhandaswa is your Spirit and chchhanda is at the disposal of your Atma. And when you are that you become absolutely collective also. And these jealousies and this petty mindedness is not necessary. You are all universal personalities. You have to be that great. You don’t belong to any country. ...

It’s true, nobody’s greater than your Mother; but nobody’s greater than my children also. To me they are very great. So please remember – respect yourself. You are all great yogis, great people, born to transform the whole universe into a beautiful globe which is being promised. This is the culmination point, culmination point where all the prophets, all the incarnations, all the saints have worked very hard to create, and there where you have to come up. We have to do everything that is possible to make it a success. And we are quite a lot of people, ourselves.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, India Tour 1988 (1988-1217)

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