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Yuva Express

The Yuvashaktis of Hyderabad had a wonderful opportunity to spread Shri Mataji's message in the schools and colleges of the districts of Andhra Pradesh (south India) from 23 Jan to 26 Jan 2010.  
Almost 20,000 students took their Self-Realization during the course of these four days in 11 districts of Hyderabad. Apart from that, Public programs were organized and mobile stalls put up at various places, where hundreds were blessed with their Self-Realization.
The Hyderabad yuvashakti in coordination with the local district yuvashaktis and elder sahaja yogis are planning an extensive follow-up schedule so that the new realized souls might get established in the collectivity.

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Heavenly Soldiers said...

This is really amazing.

Jai Shri Mataji