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Birthday Puja 1980

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The birthday of your Mother, and all such celebrations have a very deep significance, because on such occasions, special vibrations flow in the atmosphere. When all the celestial bodies, the Eternal Personalities, Gods and Goddesses, sing the praise, and that’s how the whole atmosphere is filled with mirth and happiness. Human beings also, express their gratitude. Expression of gratitude and love is done in different, different ways in different countries, but the substance remains the same and the forms change. The substance is like the ocean which flows continuously towards the shores and the ripples which touch the shores are again repelled back, and a nice pattern is formed. It is such a spontaneous thing and is so beautiful, creates such a beautiful pattern in the atmosphere. All these waves when they weave together the pattern of love they soothe human beings, they enchant human beings and the whole thing is very blissful.

On such occasions a special type of feelings develop, which we cannot express in words so the expression could be in any form. But the main thing is the expression. God has expressed Himself by Creation, by creating this Creation. While the Creation has to express it’s gratitude by glorifying Him, and this play must go on eternally. It’s the most beautiful play. Those who indulge into this play lead an eternal life. That life is unending, never breaks and binds the whole universe with it’s beautiful music.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Birthday Puja 1980, London


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