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Easter 2002

Today we have come here to worship Jesus Christ and His Mother. It’s such a coincidence that the Mother of Christ came and stayed in Turkey. Isn’t it surprising that She should come here after the crucifixion of Christ and stayed here. I wonder if He also came with Her later on? But they say then He went to Kashmir and She was also there. Quite possible, on their way, they might have gone there. So, we are here to worship them.

According to Sahaja Yoga, She was the Incarnation of Mahalakshmi and She’s the One who sacrificed Her Son for the sake of religion. But unfortunately, nobody understood Her value. Nobody saw that She was such a great spiritual personality. Only through Sahaja Yoga you can understand that She was a very great personality who gave birth to Christ.

It is very unfortunate that She was not respected, specially in the Islamic world. Because of that, the women in the Islamic culture have no place. My experience is very sad, about them. We have started an organization for the rehabilitation of women who are destitutes and all of them who have applied are Muslim ladies – very sad. While Mohammad Sahib has said that you must look after your mother, despite that all these women – some of them have eight children, ten children – have come to this destitute home. Of course, we have to give them place. We have to look after them because we don’t believe in all these small type of ideas about religion. Most important is human religion.

We have to combine all these religions together. It’s a terrible task because Muslim won’t respect Muslim. Christians won’t respect Hindus. I mean it’s a funny thing that’s going on. They all are for God and for God’s work and His love. Despite that, there’s no respect. There’s no love. On the contrary they’re all quarrelling, fighting, killing, everywhere. It’s very sad that in the name of religion and God, people should become so cruel and so absurd.

This is the only solution – is to give them Self-realization, which is the Realization was called as Miraj in the Koran. It’s called as Miraj. But they have said that nobody can get Miraj. Mohammad Sahib got it, but nobody else – like they have banned people from getting Self-realization, which is not true. All human beings can get Self-realization, whether they are from Africa, England, America, India, anywhere. They all can get their Miraj. One should understand that no human being is created in this world to fight, to fight each other. Even the animals don’t fight. Why should human beings fight – that too in the name of religion, in the name of God. Christ came on this Earth just to create oneness of religion, but even the Christians, they only started fighting, dominating others. It’s a big world of turmoil, where everybody is fighting in the name of God and in the name of religion.

So our religion is global, is one religion. We respect all the Deities, all the Gods and Goddesses – respect them and worship them. We are not so stupid not to understand that they are all One. Also after getting Realization, you realize that all these exist on our central nervous system. They exist on our chakras. They are not there just because people have told us in history and all that, but actually in - that’s a fact, that all of them are there together, working out the resurrection of the whole world. So the greatest thing that Christ has done is the resurrection part and, in this resurrection, He suffered a lot. He had to go through lots of ordeals and then His body itself was resurrected. On the same light, Sahaja Yoga is working out – that you get your Realization - means your resurrection. All your wrong ideas disappear. All your nonsense disappears and nothing but love, understanding, comes in.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Easter Puja 2002, Istanbul, Turkey


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