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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

I have to say that there are two genes within us, which are meant to protect us from committing sins against the Mother, and committing sins against the Father. Those two genes get into mutation and then people start doing whatever they like, there is no control over them. And this is what happened during our evolution. I would say in India, traditionally, people are dharmic, very dharmic. The reason is for ancient times we have talked of dharma, we had saints, and then there was a kind of a tradition built in - for thousands of years.
(Shri Vishnu Puja, Paris, 1994-0713)

But with Sahaja Yoga you can even change the genes, we have shown you. You can change the genes also in Sahaja Yoga and we should not accept anybody because he says, “His genes are bad, so he should be allowed to be what he is.” It’s not that. Everything changeable and to say that genes are just the cause of your own style, it’s not so. Because one child will have different genes, another child will have another genes. So how can that be? So it’s not from the parents, it’s not from anything, circumstances but it is with your own reactions to things that you develop genes. So what happens with genes is that you become a very, very religious man, very religious in the real sense of the word. Not religion because you pray too much nothing but inside, inside you are so religious and religion is what is love, love for humanity is religion and that become so innate and so in born and you enjoy. It’s a loving thing. You enjoy giving your love to others.
(Talk to Indian Medical Association, Delhi, 1997-0406)

As a result of the awakening of the Kundalini and the nourishment of these centers, an important development would be that you will feel an inner balance and you will enjoy good health. Many diseases, even some incurable ones, have been cured by the awakening of the Kundalini. Even the database of the inherited genes may be restructured after self-realization through the awakening of the Kundalini. As a result, a person who might have inherited genes indicating criminal tendency might become a good man. ...
So to blame your genes for your mistakes is not going to work out anymore because these genes can be changed in their database and can be brought to the level of a very righteous, angelic personality. The ego and the conditioning of a person gets dissolved by the ascent of the Kundalini and he becomes really a free bird. Absolute freedom is achieved in reality and his behavior changes tremendously with great faith in himself. He becomes a witness of the whole drama of life.
(Talk to Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 1995-0913)

... when Kundalini rises She puts your genes in proper shape. So you develop Sahaj genes by which you become extremely righteous, extremely kind and honorable. You are that, no doubt, but, you see, maybe there is some sort of a problem with your genes, but once you are all right, you are great.
(Public Program, Bucharest, Romania, 1995-0801)

... there are two genes which are protective, found only among Asians, means Chinese and Indians. All the rest of the people don't have those genes, which should protect them. So they are so vulnerable to all these nonsensical things that are going on, and they take to it so easily.
(Mahamaya Puja, New Zealand, 1994-0410)

After Sahaja Yoga, your genes are changed, you are changed; everything is changed now. So your brain is filled with nothing but light. Your heart is filled with light and you are just bouncing with love, all the time with humor, with loving care.
(Birthday Felicitations, Delhi, 2002-0323)

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