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Easter Puja 1993

We all have today gathered here on top of this beautiful mountain, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It’s very significant for Sahaja yogis to understand the great event of His resurrection, by which He showed that the spirit does not die. He was – He was the Omkara, He was the Logos and He was the Spirit, and that is why He could walk on the water. And also now we have made a film where we have shown how the Mooladhara, which shows the carbon atom, as clearly if you see from right to the left, you find a proper swastika there; and left to the right we see Omkara. But when you see from down below upward, what you see is alpha and omega. That proves beyond doubt that Christ, as He said, “I am the Alpha and I am the Omega,” shows clearly that He was the incarnation of Shri Ganesh. It’s a scientific proof we have now with us, and that’s how we can tell people that it’s a fact. I don’t know at the time of Christ this alpha and omega was known to the mathematicians, but definitely to Him when He said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” His was an incarnation very remarkable, and very important for our ascent. If He had not resurrected Himself, we could not have achieved our ascent at all.

So it’s a great contribution. The resurrection of Christ is evident now in your own life: what you were before and what you are today. It is such a change, such a difference, such a transformation. It is His own sacrifice on the cross and His own beautiful resurrection has created a way for all of us to get into this new transformed state. In this state is a different story for human beings, and a different for Christ. Christ was Himself was holiness, was purity. So His resurrection is nothing but just a physical happening, we can say, because He did not need transformation, He did not have to go through any cleansing. But what happened in His case was that He became resurrected from death – symbolizes the life of human beings without spirituality is like a death; because they do everything without any understanding about the totality, about the reality, about the absolute truth. Whatever they do ultimately takes them to their destruction. Even the religions which are established by these great incarnations are absolutely on a decline. You do not find any trace of religious life with all those people who claim that they are the ones who can represent those incarnations. If you see in a subtle way it’s very painful also, that in the name of all these great incarnations the kind of work people are doing, the activities that they take to is something impossible, because they have no fear of God.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Easter Puja 1993, Italy


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