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Easter Puja 1996

Today we are doing Easter Puja. Today is a very important day for Sahaja Yogis because Isa-Messiah (Jesus) has shown us that redemption of human beings is possible, and for that redemption we should always put in an effort. There is also a meaning why He was crucified. He was crucified on the cross and this cross is a symbol of the Swastika on the Agnya chakra. He was crucified and He left His body there only. He told some important things at that time and one most important thing out of this was 'Wait for the Mother' - Think of the Mother'. (Behold the Mother?)

Everybody can interpret it in a different way, but it seems He said that He will send for us such a shakti (power) who has three channels - Trigunatmika, and that is described very beautifully. One of these Shaktis/powers will give us comfort. This comfort-giving power in us is Mahakali's power which gives us comfort, which cures our diseases, which corrects/solves many questions of our past. The second power, which He gave us, which He sent to us, was Mahasaraswati and to this Mahasaraswati Power, He called Counsellor, the one who will counsel you - that means, who helps us for Yognirupan (to see the form of Yoga). With the help of this second power, we will get Gyan (Knowledge), we will know the subtle knowledge. And the third power, (Mahalakshmi) with the help of which we will get our redemption.

Thus, He had talked about these three powers. Buddha also said that I will send you Matreya, that means three types of mothers - Matain-Ekritya-Matreya.
People did not understand what this Matreya is, and they made it Maitrya. This Matreya can be only in Adishakti - simultaneously - Adishakti, He must have told as Primordial Mother. But the one who corrected Bible, he made it as Holy Ghost - and made a dove instead of it. Because the one who corrected the Bible hated women and he did not believe that a woman could also do such a great work. Because of this hatred, he made a strange form of it (the Holy Ghost) and the second thing is that it is a dove and a dove means that she will be the messenger of peace. But He did not talk of a woman or that she will be a woman. But in our Shatras it is written „Sahasrare Mahamaya“, that means She will be in the form of Mahamaya. People will not recognize Her and you have to get your self realization to recognize Her. If you don't get your realization, you cannot recognize Her.

In His lifetime He (Jesus) explained everything in a very open manner, He could do. Many things He told and many things He didn't, but still some truth came out which they could not change. It was very necessary for Sahaja Yoga that Isa Messiah (Jesus) came. He was a Chir Balak (boy from olden times), and now it is proved that He was an incarnation of Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha incarnated only once in the world and that is in the form of Shri Jesus/Isa Messiah.

The work of these three(Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus(Isa)) was done at the level of Tapasya and therefore they worked in the Murdha of Virata (Brain), and there is a place of Tapasya in the work of all the three, that means human beings should do the Tapasya and they can cross through Agnya only with Tapasya. It was very necessary to pierce through Agnya chakra, without that, Kundalini cannot rise. Resurrection of Jesus facilitated the piercing of the Agnya chakra. First He died and then His resurrection took place. Therefore there is a great message from Easter that because of Resurrection of Isa-Messiah (Jesus), we could get our resurrection. The most difficult chakra in a human being is the Agnya chakra because a human being is always thinking. This continuous thinking results in a condition of vaporization of mind in the head and he cannot go beyond these thoughts. He cannot go beyond these thoughts.You can go beyond thinking only when the Agnya Chakra is opened. Therefore it can be said that Sahaja Yoga would have been very difficult if Isa (Jesus) would not have resurrected after leaving his body. However the work was done by all the Incarnations at their respective places and at respective times. But the work which was done by the resurrection of Isa(Jesus) was marvelous. That is the reason why it is not difficult to open Agnya. It is not difficult to go beyond Agnya. There have been many Gurus, many great Gurus. They did a great work. They did so many things so that people could get their Jagruti (awareness) to God and they could attract their attention to self-realization.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Hindi Talk, Easter Puja 1996, Kolkata


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