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Miracle in Bedford - 1982

 The boy in Bedford was a good receiver
During the 1983 tour of America, while Shri Mataji was in Los Angeles She did a half hour radio interview. Two of us were waiting with Her for the studio to become clear. This was shortly after the incident which happened in England, the so-called ‘Bedford Boy,’ who had had an accident on his motor bike and when he was taken to hospital he told the doctor of this strange thing that had happened. While he was lying there waiting for the ambulance, a Mercedes had come up and stopped nearby. A lady in a long white dress had got out of it and smiled at him, come over to him, passed her hand over him, and had then gone back into her Mercedes and driven off. ‘Yes, that is a very interesting story,’ the doctor had said. ‘The reporter is somewhere. You should tell him.’
So the boy told the reporter and the reporter reported this incident, which had a number of sequels, one of which was that the injured boy saw the picture of Shri Mataji.
‘Oh, that was the lady. That was the lady who came to me when I had my accident,’ the boy said later.
The doctors were amazed that even though he had had this accident, very little damage had been done to him.
The other interesting thing was that this happened while Shri Mataji was delivering a public programme at Bedford Town Hall.
Before this radio programme in Los Angeles (1983), Shri Mataji was talking about this.
‘Shri Mataji, were you conscious of that? Were you conscious of being with that boy at the accident?’ The Sahaja yogini with me asked.
Shri Mataji didn’t answer immediately. She thought about it for a moment.
‘It’s like this — the divine is always transmitting. The message is always going out from the divine. Whether it is picked up or not depends on the quality of the receiver. If the receiver is good, then the divine message is picked up,’ were more or less Her words.
Presumably the boy in Bedford was a good receiver. (Brian Bell)

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