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The Granthis

Advice from H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

There are three Granthis, means the knots: the Brahmagranthi, the Vishnugranthi and the Rudragranthi. With Agni, means fire, when the Brahmagranthi meets between the Kundalini, Mooladhara chakra and the Swadhishthana - means Mooladhara chakra, Mooladhara and Swadishthana chakra - then Agni Brahmagranthi is established. Vishnugranthi when mixes up with the Surya, that is between the Nabhi and the Ruddhaya chakra, Surya Vishnugranthi is established. When Vishuddhi and Agnya auras meet, then Chandra Rudragranthi is established. (1978-1014: Talk in Hampstead, London)

I will use the name that was used by Shankaracharya. Because you see everybody is not a realized soul and of a great authority but we have to have some people as authority so Shankaracharya has called Brahmagranthi. ... Brahmagranthi because the Brahma is the vibrating force, Brahma OHM that is the vibrating force because it's the vibrations as they called it of the Brahmagranthi. ... Now this one is the superego one, the first one I told you about creates the superego, this Granthi, the knot. ... This is the Brahmagranthi. This knot is there. And this knot, you see it first starts at the Mooladhara. It starts from there. The knot starts from there, can you imagine? It starts from there! Because this one is made of Prithvitatwa it's made of the earth element so from the very beginning from the earth element itself, the knot starts. But as there's a knot you see when you make a knot always there is an unwinding, always. You come by a staircase you always can go down. Is there a staircase by which you can not go down but only come up? In the same way, if you have made a knot there must be a way of going out of the knot you see. So the going out of the knot is worked out through Sahaja Yoga; that also is done through vibrations. That the first, this knot has to be released. Once this knot is released then only the Kundalini starts. This is the first knot, is much more important. So this first knot is very strong among Indians and is not so strong with you.
(1978-1002: Knots on The Three channels, Public Program, Caxton Hall, London)

Now see, without coming to Sahaja Yoga you would not understand all these things, isn’t it? Because it’s not known to you that there are granthis within us, there are centers within us, that these centers are to be broken, then there’s granthis are formed between the centers – all this knowledge is impossible. If you are not realized what’s the use of talking about it to you, because you cannot see that. But in a person you can see it, that at a certain point you find it is between two centers this kundalini stops, you see. There is the center, say, of Manipura and Swadhisthana, in between the two the Kundalini stops. Now what is that? That is the granthi of Vishnu, so that’s the Vishnugranthi vibhedini. If you say the mantra of “Vishnugranthi vibhedini”, then only the kundalini will rise. But before realization, before the movement of the Kundalini, it is what? It is just talk, it has no sense at all. (1982-0515: You Must Understand Your Own Importance, Brighton, England)

So we have to be historically very much thankful to Krishna because He is the One who has broken the first knot and that's why it's called as Vishnu Granthi and the Vishnu Granthi to knowledge has been first opened by Shri Krishna and He wanted that gradually it should work, gradually. (1990-0819: Shri Krishna Puja, Ipswich, England)

All your granthis and all that, I am breaking. You don’t have to do anything but only thing you don’t create your own granthis, your own knots. If you do not create these things will work out. This is a very simple preparation. (1980-0517: Preparation for Becoming, Winchester, England)

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