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Treatments for the Subtle System

"So, one aspect is that you have to meditate, no doubt. So, one thing is to develop quality you have to meditate. That I said. But you must know what is your problem. You are right-sided or left-sided. It’s very important to know whether you are right-sided or left-sided.

Now some people have problems which are left-sided. All right, they start doing water treatment. There was doctor in Delhi, Dr. N..., you must be knowing him. He had, I had cured his paralysis. I was surprised that his left hand was still not working out properly. So I asked him, “What sort of a meditation you do?” He said, “With the light and with the water.” I said, “What? You are doing both?” “Yes.” I said, “What, what’s wrong with you is left side. So you should just do candle treatment. Just drop it.” I said it to him. Just when I said it to him, his hand started opening out. I said it only; becomes like a mantra I think. Started opening, he has opened his hand. So about treatment also you must understand what treatment you must take. Now some people are left-sided. They should take left side treatment only. There should be no confusion. So I said, “Who told you this?” He said, “Everybody said the same thing.” I said, “What did they say?” “That you can take this.”

In Sahaja Yoga there are certain rules and regulations of the Divine.
So now if you are suffering from the left, you just take treatment for left. No water treatment, at all.
Now you are suffering from the right, then don’t take the candle treatment at all, at all.
These are two sides which are to be corrected, then you are in the center. When you feel you are in center, you can use both the things. But that is normally very few, I’ve seen. Normally you find very few people who have this central point. If they have, they should do this treatment. But there is no need to do treatment once you are in the center. But you have to meditate. So you can sit before the photograph. But to take out all your conditionings and things, or may be the day’s problem, you can sit before the photograph with a candle as well as water. But the ones who are not, should not."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sydney, April 1994 (1994-0407: Farewell Talk)

"That’s one more thing you have to give me is the promise that you will all meditate everyday in the morning time and evening time if you do foot-soaking is good for you, not for me."(1986-0802)

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