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"There is no organisation"

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

Now divine politics is such, now with all these organisations, so called, of Sahaja Yoga there is no organisation. We have no secretariat, we have no officers, we have nothing like this. It just works. We don't have to do anything because there's collective consciousness. We are all connected with each other. It just works.
(1999-0615 VIP Conference, New York)

It is not the rules and regulations that are going to keep you happy and joined together, but it is the pure collective consciousness and its love. Because as you know we have no proper organisations, we have no clergyship, we have nothing like that. ... Leaders also can shift more times than Ganges River can shift its course. So there is nothing like that.
(1997-0504 Sahastrara Puja)

Some people have hankering after money; some people think they can make money by coming to Sahaja Yoga; some people think they will become leaders or some think they'll have fame, some think that they will achieve a kind of a very dominant position; and some think that they can befool me also. It's high time you realize that Sahaja Yoga is not for this. Sahaja Yoga is for making you the wisest person, the sanest person, the most generous and the most confident person in the world, because you have to fight, you have to fight the dark ignorance of Kali Yuga, of ages which is precipitated and today we see all the bad effects of it. ... As you know, we have no organisations, no memberships, nothing. But we've one thing, that we know we are realized souls, that we know more than all others know and that we're not proud of it. We're very humble people.
(1988-1225 Christmas Puja)

The spiritual education in Sahaja Yoga, under Mataji Nirmala Devi, is absolutely left to your own wisdom. There is no force; there is no compulsion; there is no organisation. It is you who has to feel the joy of your spirit and it is you who has to share it with others. It is you who has to raise the Kundalini of others.
(1980-1123 Guru Nanak's Birthday)

I hope [..] Sahaja Yoga will work out and you should go into the depth of this living organization. This is a living organization which does not have any membership, no payments, nothing. It’s a living thing, and the people will be attracted because of the love that they feel for each other and because of the love they feel for themselves. That’s all. Vibrations, these pure vibrations of Divine love, once you get them you don’t want to part with them. You just don’t want to part with them. They are so beautiful. May God bless you.
(1981-0625 The Ocean of Love, Hampstead, London)

No hierarchy in Sahaja Yoga

The Myth of Leadership

"without the Father"


What happened before

You know very well how Christ died, and the people came up suddenly, like Paul and Peter, who tried to make a big business out of it. It's very sad to see that these two persons brought such a shame. This Paul was nothing but an organizer, I think, also a beginner. You see, he was a person who was bureaucratic, I should say. But he was not only bureaucratic, he was also a man who wanted to have a big position. So he told a lie that he went down to Damascus, and on his way, on his way he saw a big cross. According to Sahaja Yoga all such signs are a sign of supra-conscious, is not of the Spirit. And then he came back and he started his own research, and sort of things like that. And he's written a lot of things. But throughout if you read, you'll find that he was not a Sahaja Yogi, he was just an organizer. He was a bureaucratic personality who was writing how we should administer, how we should have people who are different types of people, how should we manage them. So he's management department. He was the management department for the Christians.
So the Christians also became extremely, very secretariat type: like you see, everything has a time, you must come like this, you must sit like this, must talk like this. And also the nations which are supposed to be Christians are observing all that in a very official manner. It is not understood why, why are they so much official in everything? Just the opposite what Christ did, is to break the Agnya, they built up this. And the Christian nations became the most arrogant, most aggressive nations in the whole world. For them, it was their right to occupy any land they saw. It was in their right to establish their own laws, their own, I should say, assemblies. All this is done in India, I know. Even today if you go to places like Punjab and all that, you'll find the people are just living like rustic people working very hard, and they are all the time under attack from people who are dominating, and those who wanted the full advantage to be taken out of these people. It was a ridiculous thing to behave like that as Christians ...
It's really, the whole situation of Christ really makes me feel very nervous. Today you all are Sahaja Yogis. You are all so much higher than others. You have all the powers. And then supposing you want to behave like the Christians, I don't know what you will do. So now you are on the verge where Sahaja Yoga is accepted in different countries, and there people respect people who are Sahaja Yogis, they have given positions. Then suddenly you might get this power business into your head and you may try, you may try to become like a despot, because that is human nature. That's not divine, but that's a human nature. For example, when in the kingdom of, we can say of the animals, they are aggressive on each other, it's all right, it's permitted, it is done. But there's a system, there's a way, there's a method how they dominate. It's not like this: they jump on everyone. But I've seen in Sahaja Yoga many people, you make them a leader - finished. Then he sits on everybody's head. If you don't make them a leader then they go on writing letters to me, one after another, that "Mother, we want to be leader. I want to be a leader." Like this they go on insisting on this. For what do you want to be the leader? Just to dominate others. And this domination business is not meant for Sahaja Yoga."
(1998-0419 Easter Puja , Istanbul)

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