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The Drunkenness of Power

...Once people come to Sahaja Yoga they think they are in charge. In charge of this, in charge of that, in charge of all the Sahaja Yogis. And they start behaving in a manner which doesn't behoove a Sahaja Yogi. It doesn't. I have seen them and I really, I am amused the way they just start thrusting themselves and showing off that they are very much in charge. This is nothing modern. This is used to be there with human beings. But if it was so, it was before Sahaja Yoga. Even now, people get into the mood of dominating others by saying that, "We are in charge."

Sahaja Yoga is not so simple as you think. Because there are lots of temptations. Supposing you make somebody a leader. Now, leader becomes sort of in charge, you know. And he gets the drunkenness of power. When he is like that, he starts dominating all the rest of the people and also starts showing off that he is something very great and he has to dominate all the rest of the people. Then he creates an atmosphere of fear. Firstly I have seen what happens with them is that they start saying falsely that, "Mother has told this, Mother has said so. This is Mother's ideas." I have nothing to do with that gentleman, but he goes on talking like that and people get very frightened. Then also he can also frighten you by saying, "I will tell Mother. Mother will listen to me and She'll punish you." I'm sometimes very surprised at such people because I have never said that, "I will punish somebody" or "I will take him out of Sahaja Yoga." Nothing of the kind. So, this man who thinks no end of himself, he may be a leader, may not be a leader, may be nothing in Sahaja Yoga and then he starts talking like this, in such a funny manner that it doesn't look that the person is a Sahaja Yogi. Then he goes even further. He goes himself describing as something very great as if he is the one who is chosen specially for the rising higher and higher.

When I hear about these things, I'm really amazed how can people befool themselves all the time and behave in such a manner...

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Easter Puja 1998, Istanbul, Turkey. (1998-0419)

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