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Akshaya Tritiya


Had a very nice puja in Pune which I had to perform on the thirteenth because it is the date called Akshaya Tritiya, means undestructible third day of the moon. That’s actually nobody knew, but it is the puja of the Kundalini. That day everybody felt very, very clear. Very clear. Puja was hardly for about half an hour, the real puja of the Kundalini. But everybody felt extremely clear and beautiful. So, that sort of puja we should do tomorrow also, if possible, so that we’ll have the feelings of Sahastrara completely opened out because even if Sahastrara is opened, the rest of the chakras, if they are caught up then you have problems. It’s better to clear out all the chakras and then the Sahastrara. So, tomorrow we’ll do the puja in that fashion and I hope it will work out very well for all of you.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk on Evening before Sahastrara Day 1987 (1987-0502)

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