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Sahaja yogis and the problems of the world

1988-0618 Introspection from Sahaja Library

Now as Sahaja Yogis, you are powerful entities. You are very powerful people. We have got problems in the whole world. You know that very well. It’s not necessary (that) you have to be great intellectuals, or you have to be people who are some sort of politicians, or something. But you must be on the lookout for the problems, which are troubling this world. You have to. You cannot live in your own world, that you are a saint, “Now I am in Niranand,” that’s not possible. You can’t just be in Nirananda. You have to know that you have to live in this world. And you have to know all the problems of this world. And you have to think about them, not only your problems that, “Mother how will I be able to do this and how will I be able to do that?” But you have to worry about the whole world. You have to think, what’s happening in the world. What are the problems of the world? You are responsible for that.

Not only that, but you have to pray. In your prayers you have to say, “Mother solve this problem.” Collectively, individually, you have to take your attention from yourself, from your smaller life, to a much wider thing. Then you are a saint. And you have to think that it is your duty to ask for Divine help, that all these problems should be solved. This is your job for which you are selected. Your asking is your going to work out because as you know, I am desireless. You have to desire for it. Whatever you desire will work out. The protection, the affection, the compassion of Mother is with you. But you have to look after this world and show the concern that you have, not to live with very limited areas, and with very limited ways. ... Your problems extend to all the places wherever there is Sahaja Yoga. And you have to worry about all of them. ...

You have to stretch your attention outside, not inside, just worried about yourself, about your family, about your house, about your children. As soon as you spread your attention outside, your problems are solved in the house, in the smallest circumstance. You have to pay attention outside. ...

There are important things that are happening which you can see for yourself. You can scan it out, what are the world problems, and you can see for yourself where you have to put your attention. You should become aware of your personality, it’s not a personality that can be completely involved into a very small area. Your personality such should get involved into all the problems of the universe, all the problems there are. And you’ll be amazed that everything can work out in a very collective way. ...

So stretch out your vibrations. Stretch out your attentions. And you’ll be amazed that all other stupid problems that you have will be finished.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Introspection and Meditation, Shudy Camps, UK, 18/6/88

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