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The beginnings of Sahaja Yoga in Nargol

The knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, as you know, is extremely, extremely subtle and it’s not easy to penetrate into the so-called people who call themselves intellectuals or who are absolutely bowed down to their conditionings. So, on one side, we have the masses who are ignorant, another side the classes who live in the frame that they have made out of their brains. Both ways, I think, they are extremely gross. But the way they have absorbed this subtle nectar of Divinity is something unbelievable. Nobody can comprehend even that there were so many born after my birth, on this Earth, or some maybe before also, very few. Just after my birth they were born here in this world, to get to Sahaja Yoga. But when I saw the world I was shocked, more shocked than Kabira, himself. I said, “How will I talk to anyone about it?” My family members, I didn't know how will I open the subject to them. Was impossible, so much was darkness of ignorance. How will they believe that there is really Divinity, there is totality waiting for them? They all believed into some sort of a religion, which had no connection with reality. And it was impossible even to envisage the method by which I could talk to them.

I remember the first incident when we went to Nargol, where I had opened the Sahastrara. The first person who got realization was a Gujarati and a jeweler. Immediately, all the other, there were hardly about thirty-five people, they started saying that, of course, he's a rich man, he's a jeweler, so Mother has given him realization. I think that’s the first time and last time I really got angry. I started shouting at them, you’re good for nothing, useless people, you can never take to Divinity and I had really thought that stop it now, when I have to take another life, another time where people will understand what is Sahaja Yoga. But after that, suddenly, people started feeling the cool breeze in their hands, immediately after my shouting. Imagine. And they said, “Mother, I know, it's working. It's working in us. It's working out of us.” Thus, we got twelve people and one lady whom I’d given before also, she was the fourteenth. Thus, first we had only these fourteen Sahaja Yogis. For whom it was something out of the blue. They were all flabbergasted. They didn't know what it was. And then, surprisingly, in one of our programs, a lady who was possessed by some Brahmin came and started saying Jagadamba, Jagadamba. They couldn't understand. I never told them what I was, never. I've never told otherwise also. So then, she recited a poem from Saundarya Lahari in Sanskrit language and she was just a maidservant. And in a man's voice. So everybody was shocked that the bhoot should say all these things. And then she went away. After that, these people started probing into it. And they wanted to have my Puja, first time, in my house itself. Still people were not very sure they were doing the right thing. Even the Brahmins, they called, they said, "This Saptasadi is a very difficult Puja and something will happen to us." But after the Puja they said nothing happened, we are so much better. They all felt the cool breeze and the entire atmosphere changed. They started understanding that Sahaja Yoga is the Yuga Dharma, is the one of this Yuga, this Kali Yuga, so the Sahaj Dharma became the dharma of this Yuga.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Birthday Puja 1993.

photo: Nargol in 2006

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