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Heart Diseases

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“Now a person who does not have this fourth dimension [the parasympathetic]will not know that he is suffering from some heart trouble. He will have no idea. He will never feel his heart or anything – till he suddenly gets the attack, and then he dies. But at the very onset of it a person who is in the fourth dimension, that is, a realised soul, can feel that something is going wrong with his heart. Also he knows how to cure himself – the technique of curing himself. Also he knows that he is the source of the medicine that he has to give – is a vital thing.”
(The Fourth Dimension and the parasympathetic: talk for doctors. Brighton 26/7/84. Nirmala Yoga no.26)

[Heart attacks] “Cause: Over-active, inactive or lethargic heart. Overactive heart is of right sided people. In such cases, the heart can collapse. Especially it can happen in very young age. This is because their attention is too much outside. Due to this, their Atma departs. The Atma gets no attention, due to their extreme materialistic nature. Overactivity can also come from too much worry about the family, and thinking too much of the future. The heart starts to pump more blood, and over works itself. It gets tired. In addition, the attention is not on the spirit.
For lethargic hearts, these people take all kinds of mantras and first spoil their Left Vishuddhi. They take tobacco and cigarette, creating a problem on their Left Vishuddi. This makes the pumping of the heart difficult, and so it becomes tired, because it cannot pump. Due to extreme Left Vishuddhi, the lethargic heart gives you Angina.
Those are the two types of heart attacks.
The first type can be cured by putting ice on the stomach and on the heart on the right side. Also move from left to right. Sit in water. Do not use light at all. Sleep in darkness, stay more indoors. Take full rest. And repeat that “I am the spirit”. “O Lord, please forgive me”.
The second type can be cured by asking him to say – “Mother you are my beej mantra. You are the mantrika”. Also “I am not guilty”, and say “I forgive everybody Lord”. So that all the hurts disappear. Use light and fire to clear the left side.”
(Shivaratri 1987)

“Now according to Sahaja Yoga we have two types of heart attacks, one is massive heart attack, the other is lethargic like Angina.
So the first one, which is massive one, is where that heat [from the liver] reaches the heart. Say there is a boy who is playing tennis at the age of 21 or 22 and drinking also and competing with his father. If you continue this kind of things may be you might get one day a massive heart attack, specially the industrialist. Industrialists are so futuristic, so much calculative that they don’t calculate that
this will entail their heart problems. So this heart suddenly collapses and they die.
Another one is lethargic heart attack like angina, and happens if you feel guilty. Some people are very sensitive and very formal type and you know they feel guilty, ‘I should have done this’. ... For anything they start feeling guilty. Not only you develop spondylitis, you develop a situation where your heart cannot pump blood properly. That is the angina.”
(New Delhi talk to doctors 6/4/97. Transcript in New Delhi Medicos 13(4-5):32-34)


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